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RELIABLE functionalities
tailored to specific needs

Our Specialists analyze all specific needs and offer functionalities adjusted to the type, size and traffic of a chosen Airport.

All information is stored in AODB Central Database, which also integrates other Airport’s systems.



Flight Information Display System


Our monitors can display several information panels such as:

  • flight information data, security information (security check instructions, announcements, alerts, etc.)
  • advertisements and commercial info (f.e. touristic, weather, etc)

All information is regularly updated by infLOT database or can be integrated with existing AODB.

System is scalable and can easily handle more than 1000 information devices.

It supports all kind of displays- TFT monitors, LED boards/lines, LCD module boards, etc.



Automatic Flight Announcement System


multi lingual, multi zones voice information.

Event-driven full synchronization with FIDS.

Simple integration with existing public-address system or voice alarm systems.

It can use natural voice or third party TTS providers.




Airport Operational Data Base


The Heart of Airport.

  • gathers all operational information in one place and provides Seasonal and Daily Flight Plans to all its stakeholders.
  • interfaces to many remote systems (type-b message providers, Eurocontrol, BHS, billing systems, etc.)
  • modular structure with many functional modules of the infLOT system
  • real-time data preview with delay monitoring and alerting
  • all changes are archived in AODB; user, time and place stamps are recorded.


Resource Management System


  • allocation of all types of airport resources such as check-ins, carouseles, gates, aprons, etc.
  • manual or automatic planning
  • assignment of personnel to the resources
  • static & mobile interface
  • displaying and modifying the availability of resources using usre friendly Gantt charts
  • system alerts (conflicts, delays, etc.)
Duty Officer Module

Duty Officer Module

Airport Duty Officer basic tool

Duty Officer Module

  • apron management
  • registering and reporting of events such as bird strikes, runway incursions, any other important info
  • NOTAM/SNOWTAM messages publishing
  • AODB based reporting and analysis
  • LVP procedures announcements
Passengers Flow Management

Passengers Flow Management

passengers traffic analysis and forecast

Passengers Flow Management

  • boarding pass check points-automatic gates and mobile readers
  • possibility of collecting marketing information (passengers’ post codes)
  • passengers counting and queues resolving
  • automatic resources allocation (security or passport controls) based on flights booking and historical flow data


Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

management by exception

Reporting and Analysis

This module facilitiates decision making
by indicating significant deviations of actual situation from the model one.

It shows statistics of aircraft movements, passengers flow, cargo loads,
load factor, parking times, commercial display times.

It produces ready reports required by authorities;
due to wide range of data filters it shows different criterias such us YoY data
or long and short term comparisons

internal and external files export (.xls, .xml, .pdf)



Departure Control System


  • simple and intuitive interface
  • thin, web customer
  • based on a local database
  • aircraft’s weight and balance control function
  • certification possibility on the CUTE platform
Baggage Related Systems

Baggage Related Systems

Integration with Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)

Baggage Related Systems

  • Baggage Reconciliation System
  • BSM/BTM/BPM messages broker
  • chutes, check-ins, carousels and sorter control
Airport Ramp Services

Airport Ramp Services

ground handling services

Airport Ramp Services

  • handling services defining
  • mobile and state (?stacjonarny? desktop?) interface
  • ground handling notes issuing
  • real-time monitoring and services provided
  • integration with billing systems
  • management of ground handling equipment


We have experience in both designing and consulting of specialized airport systems and entire terminals.

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Each and every Airport is unique; we know it from experience, hence we never offer standard products.

We offer a complete service, which takes into account all features and conditions, needs and wishes.

We take care of each of our Clients- our maintenance and support service works 24/7

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